Vasilopoulos House is one of the most authentic traditional agrotourism Guesthouses in Cyprus. It's a small house with 7 rooms all overlooking into an inside yard with a huge balcony shaded by a lemon tree and vine. Due to its position overlooking the eastern slopes of the village with the small streets, stone built houses and the slopes of wild natural beauty, the view from any part of the house is breath taking. It is a place for experiencing inspiration, calmness, tranquility and magic.


The house belonged to one of the13 children of Vasilios Kalogeros, Michael, grandfather of the current owner. The architecture of the House has been preserved for the past 300 years. Amongst the visitors accommodated in the House is Archbishop Makarios when he was the "Metropolitis Of Kition"

The House has been restored and transformed under the regulations of the Cyprus Tourism Organization within the framework of agrotourism in order to preserve its authentic traditional identity and create a warm hospitable natural environment.