Each of the rooms is unique since each one had a different purpose. For example room number 3 used to be the room where they made and baked the bread. The room has been transformed into a studio and the "fournos" (stone built oven) is part of the room as a unique feature of decoration.

  • Room #2 was the stable room where they kept the donkeys
  • Room #4 was the cellar where they kept their wine, olive oil and "smoked" the sausages
  • Room #7 was the warehouse where they kept the wheat and barley
  • Room #1 was the main bedroom
  • Room #5 was the "Good" Room i.e something like the dining room where they welcomed the guests
  • Room #6 was the guest bedroom.

Today all rooms have been transformed into small independent apartments each one having its own kitchen and bathroom. All are fully equipped with cooking facilities, sitting and dining furniture. The rooms are fully air conditioned. The apartments are divided into 2 categories a) the one bedroom apartments which have a separate room for the kitchen and bedroom b) the studios where the kitchen and bedroom are all in one room.

All apartments are very comfortable and convenient. Different rooms serve different needs of accommodation i.e we have rooms more suitable for couples , others for families and others for friends.

One Bedroom Rooms

From 50 euros per room/night

Room #1 - Ideal for couples
Double bed
Large private balcony

Room #5 - Ideal for families
Double traditional bed & 2 single beds
Ground floor

Room #6 - Ideal for family and friends

4 Single beds
Small balcony


From 40 euros per room/night

Room #2
Double traditional bed
Small and warm
Ground floor

Room #3
Double bed
Post 'fournos' room
Ground floor

Room #4
2 Single beds
Private/darker room, in the shade of a lemon tree

Room #7
2 Single beds
Private balcony